Cohesion Dance Project approached me with a vision of creating interactive sculpture that would provide the initial impetus for a collaboration of other artists in the fields of dance, poetry, music and visual art. After several months and countless concept drawings the three sculptures in this performance were born. Resonance, my 10th collaboration with choreographers over a period of 24 years, was especially rewarding because, in the words of Tyler Knott-Gregson, “There is art in movement, art in sculpture, art in music, art in words, and to combine them all, to combine so many spirits, is a beautiful thing to witness.”

Resonance collaborators:

Tanya Call, Founder and Creative Director of Cohesion Dance Project

Amber Moon Peterson, choreographer and dancer

Julynn Wilderson, choreographer and dancer

Tyler Knott-Gregson, poet

J Stuart Smith, musician

Matt Plaumann, artist

Matt Bugni, musician

Nicole Woody, artist